About D&T

The Company deploys the best and innovative technology to deliver a complete and cost effective service in today's competitive market.

D&T was founded to solve all your technological problems; it uses experienced specialists of Relational Database, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Due to its high level of know-how and development resources, D&T guarantees reliability and customer satisfaction. D&T can supply strategic solutions and deliver the highest level of performance while keeping an eye on the evolution of any information system.Interacting, assisting and leading customers to the best solution, is the key to D&T success.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk service on the Oracle database is valid for one year (renewable), starting from the date of signing the contract. The contract, which provides for assistance exclusively in remote mode and at the expense of the "CUSTOMER", covers: Urgent Calls (acted on immediately) and NON Urgent Calls (acted on within 8 working hours, according to the local traditions and customs of the Headquarters of the "CUSTOMER"). Each call is assigned a code and the “CUSTOMER” shall state whether it is Urgent or not at the time of the Call. A new Call cannot be opened until the previous Call has been closed. It is up the "CUSTOMER" to declare the closure of a Call via Email. Any Email sent by D&T in answer to the "CUSTOMER" during the Call process is valued at ½ (half) hour. An Email sent by the "CUSTOMER", at the request or not of D&T, is valued at 0 (zero) hours. The contract is being offered at a cost of € 2,300 (two thousand three hundred Euro); the fee includes 10 hours of free assistance (with availability from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM), 30% of which are to be considered as Urgent. Additional calls, if Urgent, are offered at a connection fee of € 67 + € 67 for each hour, rounding up to the next hour. For additional Non Urgent Calls (acted on within 8 working hours): connection fee of € 0 + € 67 for each hour, rounding up to the next hour.



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